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Common questions

Who might visit the casino?

The minimum age for entry is 18 years. At the reception to the casino you must show a valid identity document – ID card, passport or. driving license.

Is an entrance fee charged in the casino?

No, there is no entrance fee.

Do I have to wear a suit or evening dress entering the casino?

No, evening wear is not required. You can wear just smart comfortable casual wear, depending on your chose. In the summer suitable shorts are permitted when entering the casino.

What are minimum and maximum bets in the casino?

Minimum bets on live game start on 20 Kč in our casino, maximum bets are 36 000 Kč on even chances (red, black).

What are the best known casino games?

American Roulette, Black Jack and Poker.

What is a gaming currency in the casino?

There is one gaming currency – Czech Crowns (Kč) in our casino. You can change foreign currencies for cash chips at the cash desk in the casino.

What credit cards can be used in our casino?

You can purchase cash chips or to withdraw cash using credit cards Visa, Master Card, Maestro, Diners Club and JCB at the casino cash desk. We also accept most foreign currencies in our casino.

What do I do if I carry a gun? Do I have to report this fact before entering the casino?

Report it at the casino reception. Weapons are not permitted in the casino.

Do I have to gamble when I visit the casino?

You do not have to gamble. We operate bar in our casino where you can have fun like in any other bar. Also, there is a lounge area with TV in the casino.

What are price in the casino?

The prices in our casino is very friendly. There are non alcoholic drinks and refreshment for free for players.

I was not in a casino before and I do not know game rules. Can staff explain the rules to me?

Yes, please contact anyone of the staff, or even approach the shift manager. Everyone will be happy to explain the rules to you. When possible we can offer you a Show Game. In the casino the rules of the games are available in printed form.

When I win in the casino, do I have to pay tax?

You do not have to pay. Winnings from the game in the casino are exempt from income tax.

Can casino organize a birthday or company party with a Show Game?

Yes, you can make an agreement about a planned celebration with management of the casino. The Casino manager will inform you about your possibilities. Renting of premises is free, you only pay for consumption.

When I visit a casino and I do not want anyone to know, is privacy guaranteed?

Absolutely, our casino has been operating legally with maximum confidentiality and respect of our customers and their wishes.

Where can I find a professional help if I feel that I am a gambling addict?

You can find a professional help with a gambling addiction on the website or directly on the telephone number +420 532 232 051.

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  • ... there is our Facebook?
         Casino Grand
  • ... you do not have to pay entrance fee in the casino?
  • .. you do not have to wear a suit or evening dress in the casino?
  • ... minimum bets on live game start on 20 Kč in our casino?
  • ... you do not have to gamble when you visit the casino. If you wish just have a drink and socialise?
  • ... there is support in the case that you feel that you are addicted to gambling?
    You can find a professional help with a gambling addiction on the website or directly on the telephone number +420 532 232 094.
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In our company, we ensure that all of your personal data that you provide to us by law is processed in accordance with applicable laws in this area. For more information, click here.

Gambling prohibited for persons under 18 years of age. Ministry of Finance warns: Gambling can become addiction.